Hallo kundige Leutz

Ein guter Kumpel von mir hat sich einen Sit Down Racer angelacht.
Es handelst sich um einen "Xtreme Rally" auf der Hyper Neo Geo64 Plattform.
Problem ist: lässt sich nicht Stand alone starten, dh er sucht nach Netzwerkpartnern, da er sie nicht findet kann man nicht spielen...
Any Ideas:

Hier noch sein Bericht in Englisch:
Please help me, to bring my babe to operation.

The Arcade console is in perfect condition
The orig. Processor starts, until in blue screen, the communication check fails, than with a lot of car pictures on screen, a search countup run endless. I can enter program mode and I have set 4 dipswitches on the small Comm. board in right positions
Twice it went into game, but with slight touch on Processor Unit, in special left top multiplug, the search begins...
Then I bougt a brandnew NIB complete unit, without software and installed it with my origin RALLY X-treme pack. After power on, on blue screen 10 tests OK, the last "device boot checking" gets no OK, but immediately there comes for 2 sec. the white grid on blue. Than black screen with white text: "MACHINE CODE ERROR"

Pls let me know

How I find out, wheather the new Processor unit fits for Rallx X-treme, because there are up to 4 Variations.
How to overcome the Machine Code Error
Can I disable network feature on my old unit?

If quest's from U, pls ask me formore info and other pictures.